TID’s excellent creditworthiness honored

robert_schaefer_kleinCreditsafe Deutschland GmbH, the world’s biggest provider of online credit checks, has once again awarded TID Informatik an outstanding rating. That classification is based on a detailed test involving the full range of criteria relevant to recognizing the excellent creditworthiness of companies with long-term market success.

“It is especially important for new customers to build trust in their business partners. Apart from the economic stability of our company, the certification of creditworthiness is a sign of above-average sector development. This third-party certification confirms TID’s continuous path of growth and success. We are very proud to receive this award once again”, says Robert Schäfer, TID Director.

Creditsafe: Strict rating criteria

The certification of creditworthiness uses strict rating criteria and is a sign of companies having a particularly healthy financial position. The criteria to be met include the following:

  • Credit rating of between 1.0 and 1.9
  • No negative developments in the past 12 months
  • Above-average performance compared with other companies in the sector

As a matter of principle, the Creditsafe certification of creditworthiness remains valid for only one year from the time of the check.

If a company is awarded a Creditsafe certification of creditworthiness, its business partners can safely assume not only that it has an appropriate credit rating but that they can enter into a long-term, successful business relationship.

Added security and trust for business partners and customers

Creditsafe Deutschland GmbH, acting as a disinterested judge, marks out successful and solvent companies. Such third-party awards allow financially sustainable companies to prove to customers and suppliers that they are trustworthy business partners. The criteria for the Creditsafe certification of creditworthiness depend on scientific algorithms that leave no room for tweaking through manual intervention. That assures Creditsafe Deutschland GmbH that all German businesses have been tested using the same criteria — meaning that there is a solid basis for the award.

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