TID Informatik again the no.1 among European resellers of XVL

As in previous years, TID Informatik once again managed to retain its superior leading position as Europe’s best reseller for XVL products. Lattice Technology Inc., producers of the XVL technology, made this announcement at the end of their recently closed financial year.  “Apart from sales figures, we also appreciate the extensive know-how, which TID Informatik and also CATALOGcreator GmbH established within the XVL environment. This expertise is particularly worthwhile for the customers of both companies”, says Bill Barnes, General Manager, and Partner Advisor at Lattice.

ueberblickMeanwhile, TID managed to demonstrate this knowledge by using it in more than 80 customer projects. It mainly implied fully automatic creation and processing of highly compressed XVL models made available for various applications – amongst others, for the electronic spare parts catalog. A special feature of TID Informatik involves fully automatic generation of technical illustrations from 3D models.

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