At the end of 2018, the project teams of PONSSE and TID once again met in Finland for three days to discuss the progress and future goals of the cooperation regarding the use of CATALOGcreator®.

Meanwhile, meetings between TID Informatik GmbH and the well-established forest-machinery manufacturer and long-standing customer PONSSE with its roots and headquarters in Finland take place on a regular basis.

On occasion of the last visit in 2017 , Claudia Leutenbauer, Rafi Boudjakdjian, and Hermann Arya had gathered first-hand experience by watching the forest machines in action.

Personal Exchange

Since the project teams at PONSSE and TID involve employees from different areas, who would otherwise communicate over the telephone or per e-mail, personal meetings and face-to-face exchange is highly appreciated. It goes without saying that PONSSE’s employees are also very welcome at TID in Stegen. Marko Oravainen and his colleagues from PONSSE have been attending TID’s cDAYs for several consecutive years, both as visitors and lecturers.

Hospitality is highly valued at PONSSE.

Project Work

Each meeting features a detailed agenda and professional exchange between responsible employees, both strategically and technically, and continues to advance the success of the project. Topics and innovative solutions are developed in close collaboration by both parties.

PONSSE shows great interest in future functionality and the roadmap, whose innovative goals will be addressed and implemented along its milestones.

The main goal PONSSE pursues with CATALOGcreator® and TID is the improvement of its service for their customers. This includes the restructuring of the IT environment to tackle future challenges. As CATALOGcreator® is important to and deeply integrated with PONSSE, coordination and joint planning is key to the implementation of these goals.

PONSSE and TID employees


PONSSE’s family philosophy can be sensed in each and every area within the company. TID representatives clearly felt that this philosophy is important to PONSSE not only for internal purposes but just as much for interaction with external sources.

Since physical well-being is not only catered for when work is done, the entire stay exuded PONSEE’s warm hospitality. For Claudia Leutenbauer from TID, who reports on the meeting, it is the “Wishing Table” fairy tale that comes to her mind. The feeling of belonging together is further strengthened by the evening program, as bowling and sauna introduces the guests to Finnish traditions. After all, nothing can be said against combining business with pleasure.

View of the Finnish landscape at PONSSE

Last but not least, each employees’ outstanding commitment makes cooperation both very pleasant and targeted.

The long and joint project has evolved into an amicable cooperation that is further strengthened through each visit.

More face-to-face dates have been saved for 2019 and the cDAY 2019 in Herrsching has been entered as another fixed date in this year’s calendar.

Interview on cDAY 2017 with Marko Oravainen.

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