Smart spare parts shop at ENGEL AUSTRIA

ENGEL AUSTRIA, the leading manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines, will soon make an intelligent spare parts catalog available to its customers. This means: In a single screen the customer will get problem diagnosis, maintenance support or process counseling – and he can order spare and wear parts. The SP/1 symmedia platform, for many years successfully used as a remote service solution thus becomes a complete service portal for the customer.


ENGEL AUSTRIA setzt auf Wachstum im Ersatzteilgeschäft

Special feature: The intelligent shop is directly connected to the machine. The search for the required spare parts in symmedia SP/1 Cockpit therefore always takes place contextually. This background intelligence of the shop simplifies the identification of the correct part. Thus the customer is offered more safety and comfort – and simultaneously the spare parts service at ENGEL AUSTRIA is relieved.

Additional features: The new ENGEL AUSTRIA spare parts catalog uses CATALOGcreator® by TID Informatik GmbH and presents all spare parts in 3D. In addition, the symmedia SP/1 Conference Center provides online assistance in the purchase of spare parts via screen and video conferencing.

Wolfgang Degwerth, Vice President of Customer Service ENGEL Austria, explains: “Thanks to the online link to the machine our shop knows which parts of the respective machine have to be considered at all, and which have been replaced in the past. Our customer does not need to look far. That’s what constitutes a good service: a performance a customer can pick up at whatever location he happens to be.”

The intelligent spare parts shop was realized with the new symmedia SP/1 Parts.It offers a significant contribution to customer loyalty – especially with respect to ordering spare parts. And anyone who is additionally deploying the symmedia SP/1 Parts Agent, goes one step further:

From the information of the machine (which for instance is available through symmedia SP/1 Maintenance or symmedia SP/1 Monitoring) the Parts Agent generates the expected needs of wear parts autonomously. It automatically creates an order proposal for that client – with the guarantee that the parts will be in time for the scheduled maintenance on site.

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