Schenk Process: Electronic spare parts catalogues

Schenck Process GmbH is a global market leader for measuring and processing technology. The company, with its registered office in Darmstadt, is represented in more than 40 countries and has 16 modern production facilities worldwide employing about 2,000 employees. For additional improvement of After Sales service, it was decided to create customer-specific spare parts catalogues based on a central SAP®-ERP-System and integrate it in the electronic sales platform SAP E-Commerce.


  • Name: Schenck Process GmbH
  • Location: Darmstadt
  • Trade: Measuring and processing technology. Products and services: Measuring and Processing technology solutions for industrial weighing, dosing, sieving and automation
  • Turnover: 390 Mio Euros (2008)
  • Employees 2.200 (2008)
  • Internet:
  • Partner: SAP Consulting, TID Informatik GmbH

The main challenges

  • Integration of Hot-Spot-Navigation in SAP E-Commerce

Project targets

  • Follow-up of existing non-SAP solution
  • Data integration with integrated maintenance processes
  • Provision of customer-specific Online-/Offline-/Printed spare parts catalogues based on a central SAP-ERP-System

 SAP-solutions and services

  • SAP ERP 6.0 with SAP E-Commerce • Consultancy solutions for spare parts processing (Service Parts Pack) and  catalog management (CatManSuite)

Implementation highlights

Pilot project for spare parts processing with Hot-Spot-Navigation and customer-specific spare parts catalogues

Decision in favour of SAP

  • Convincing concept of integrated spare parts management with SAP ERP and SAP E-Commerce
  • Integrated data maintenance concept • Project offer against a fixed price • Highly competent SAP-Project team
  • Main benefits fort he company • Customer-specific spare parts catalogues based on global E-Business-Platform
  • Consistent spare parts catalogues for all Distribution channels (Online, offline, print)
  • High customer satisfaction for long-term customer relationship
  • Reduction in wrong orders   • High data quality and consistency due to integrated maintenance processes
  • Efficiency improvement of internal processes
  • Optimal spare parts logistics at inter-agency, – company,-group level as a result of using combined search functions including accumulation of search results

Available systems

Third party system without data integration in already existing SAP-ERP-system and without integrated maintenance processes; SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse

Integration of non-SAP-products                

  • Integrated spare parts catalogue of special vendor TID (CATALOGcreator®)

„In our electronic spare parts catalogues we now use consistent data for all distribution channels, which due to integrated maintenance processes are always up-to-date. By means of the integrated SAP- system for our parts management we not only increase efficiency of data maintenance and order processing, but also avoid wrong orders due to incorrectly identified and allocated parts.” Edgar Blum – Director After Sales Business & Components Schenck Process GmbH.

„The clear catalogue display allows the user, without too many mouse clicks, tonavigate through his assemblies and locate the correct order data for spare parts. This speeds up overall order processing on both sides. The customer can now, at all times, also trace the order status through SAP E-commerce himself.” Klaus-Dieter Weiss,  Head of Order Processing Domestic, Schenck Process GmbH.

Starting point and requirements

Until recently, the product data, drawings, photographs etc. were available in various non-integrated systems. All this resulted in redundant data as well as delayed and time-consuming comparisons. Customer-specific availability information could not be displayed.  Using the new software, this was to change dramatically: All spare parts data were to be managed through SAP ERP in a central database and maintained in the product catalogue.

SAP E-Commerce as a platform for electronic spare parts catalogues

Based on the requirements of the Schenck Process, a SAP solution pack, SAP E-Commerce Service Parts Pack was developed: it supplements the available SAP ERP and the corresponding shop product

SAP E-Commerce. It standardises processes, links distributors, subsidiaries and trade partners and allows central dispatch. For instance, in the case of Schenck Process, they managed to fully integrate the spare parts process. The  SAP-product catalogue provides the company with a central data source for its distribution channels, both offline, online and in print.

Reliable and fast processing of customer orders

At Schenck Process, customer-specific electronic spare parts catalogues can now be created from the central SAP-ERP product catalogue and published in the online platform SAP E-Commerce, which also includes   Hot-Spot-Navigation. The graphic display of product data assist the catalogue user in navigating intuitively through the various assemblies and locating the correct order data.  In this way, the data for the right products and the right original order end up in the system and delivery can take place without additional technical checks.

In order to create a Printed Catalogue,  the data are exported via the “CatManSuite” from SAP Consulting into the CATALOGcreator Workbench of the TID Informatik partner and processed for automated Desktop Publishing.

Convincing project results for Schenck Process

  • Customer-specific spare parts catalogues on global E-Business platform
  • Consistent spare parts catalogues for all distribution channels (Online, offline, print)
  • High customer satisfaction for long-term customer relationships
  • Reduction in wrong orders
  • High data quality and consistency due to integrated maintenance processes
  • Efficiency improvement of internal data maintenance, quote and order processing

Implementation Partner

CATALOGcreator® is a registered brand of CATALOGcreator® GmbH – a software development company with registered office in Amberg. As a European leader in software, CATALOGcreator® ensures simple and fast creation of product and spare parts catalogues in print, CD and online format. It is being developed based on the latest technology standards such as XML, PHP, mySQL or BMEcat, guaranteeing an optimal and flexible integration of ERP-, E-Commerce- and Serviceinformation Systems.

TID Informatik GmbH in Herrsching on lake Ammersee is responsible for consultancy and distribution of CATALOGcreator®.

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