“So far, electronic catalogs have been state of the art, but the trend is clearly tending towards service portals.”

“As an original parts supplier, we need to take competitors from the “gray spare-parts market” very seriously by expanding our range of online services.”

Alfonso Urzola (Customer Service Manager, MAFI)

“After more than ten years of excellent cooperation with TID, we are absolutely sure to have the right partner on board for future challenges. Since MAFI and TREPEL export around 90 percent of our products, the web-shop solution is a powerful tool for sustainable after-sales growth and improved customer loyalty. With CATALOGcreator® and the up2date ServicePortal, we have laid the foundations for an advanced service portal”

Alfonso Urzola (Customer Service Manager, MAFI) &
Markus Herwig (Customer Service Manager, TREPEL)
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