Komptech GmbH

“We appreciate the TID team’s belief that ‘nothing is impossible.’ This solution-oriented thinking sets them apart from the others. It’s great fun to work with such an innovative company. TID is a factory for customer ideas that keeps developing and realizing new approaches during the project. We will definitely continue our cooperation in the future.

We were looking for a spare parts catalog software that largely automated the creation of spare parts catalogs so it would always provide the current data. Other selection criteria were the integration of assembly instructions and hydraulics / wiring diagrams in the electronic spare parts catalog.

The other vendor just offered us the prospect of developing features that were crucial to us, while at CATALOGcreator® all our must-haves were already contained in the standard and were fully functional. We were highly impressed that in the decision phase we were able to test a demo catalog with our own data. We especially enjoyed from the outset the options of creating assembly instructions in 3D using XVL Studio, and to integrate them in the catalog.                 

CATALOGcreator® is used at Komptech as an information and service portal where we centrally maintain all information about our machines. What was originally intended as a benefit for our customers is now also internally an integral part of our work environment. The software solution is a tool that everybody likes to use. And this constantly improves our processes.” – Stefan Gruber-Barowitsch, Head of Technical Documentation at Komptech.

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