Intelligent Search with CATALOGcreator

The new module CATALOGcreator® AI Search lays the foundation for a “Single Point of (Service) Information” system and thus paves the way to digital service 4.0 for customers. Based on established AI technologies (AI = Artificial Intelligence), the proven CATALOGcreator® spare parts catalog and parts of the service integration platform developed by Service Mate GmbH are connected.

CATALOGcreator® as Single Point of Information

By linking the systems, additional service-relevant information and documents can be stored directly in the electronic spare parts catalog in addition to spare parts. The spare parts catalog and additional information can be linked intelligently – automatically and contextually. This ensures that all service-relevant data (e.g. extensive technical documentation, operating instructions, etc.) and associated systems (e.g. spare parts catalogs) are interconnected.

AI-supported services – such as intelligent auto-completion to formulate the problem, or a semantic search for precise and competent access to information – are provided. Of course, multimedia aspects can also be implemented – such as interactive circuit diagrams, 3D models, a language assistant for voice-controlled input/search or diagnostic systems.

Automated Data Preparation With Advanced Methods

Existing data, such as machine descriptions and repair manuals in PDF format, are refined and made available in the spare parts catalog via the AI Search module – intelligently searchable and directly accessible. Data processing is largely automated and supported by advanced methods of speech processing and AI.

The goal of the new intelligent search is to link service-relevant information in a targeted, context-based manner, making it easy to search and retrieve. Thus the CATALOGcreator® with the AI Search module lays the foundation to grow into an AI-based “Single Point of (Service) Information” – i.e., an AI-based service platform that digitizes all relevant information and services “under one roof”, makes them easily accessible and thus delivers considerably higher benefits for the user.

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Customers’ Comments on the Presentation of the New Search (cDay 2018)

“The idea and the prospect of enabling intelligent and semantic search queries on the basis of old and unstructured data in the simplest way is brilliant. The AI Search module will bring a new tremendous benefit that will not be limited to the service portal. It opens new paths into the future.” (Claudius Peters Projects GmbH, Thomas Nagel)

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