Hans Künz GmbH relies on TID Informatik and CATALOGcreator®

Messrs Künz was founded in 1932 by Hans Künz and developed in no time into one of the leading machine and plant engineering companies. Whilst originally manufacturing tower construction cranes, their focus is presently on container cranes and hydro steel structures. Nowadays, Künz GmbH is one of the oldest and most successful companies in the Vorarlberg (Austria) mechanical engineering industry.

The success of Hans Künz GmbH is mainly the result of the huge pleasure they derive from innovation. Their focus is on continuous development and to increase their future service even further, Künz have now decided to offer electronic spare parts catalogs for their products. By tasking TID Informatik, the evaluation was finalised within a few weeks. The main reasons behind this quick decision were:

  • kuenz_1The ultra modern dynamic HTML – catalog based on PHP and a mySQL – Database blends in nicely with Künz’s  Intra- /Internet environment
  • CATALOGcreator®‘s easy and uncomplicated license model
  • the CC HotspotEditor is able to fully automatically edit drawings for the spare parts catalog and can for instance, in addition to hotspotting, also remove image frames and headings
  • integration of E-PLAN circuit diagrams into the electronic catalog does not require chargeable interfaces but is exclusively processed based on E-PLAN’s standard export formats.

kuenz_2Oliver Neier, Project manager and Customer Support coordinator at Hans Künz GmbH reports: „Apart from the impressive initial software presentation by Mr. Robert Schäfer, it was the competent on-site performance by project managers Hermann Arya and Rafi Boudjakdjian that convinced us in the end. The overall project handling did not take long at all and worked out perfectly. We are convinced that, with TID Informatik, we have found a reliable and competent partner.”

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