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goracon systemtechnik GmbH is a leading global company manufacturing access systems for buildings andwind turbines. Until recently the spare parts catalogs were created laboriously by hand. By using the spare part catalog software CATALOGcreator®, the creation process of the catalogs now takes place automatically from the CAD data and parts lists from BeoSys.Initial



goracon systemtechnik GmbH – a partner you can rely on

Goracon is a medium-sized enterprise in the German region of Münsterland, residing in the town of Steinfurt. Its many years of experience in height access technology guarantee a superior quality and durability of the products. From development, design and manufacturing to assembly the 55 employees produce customized access installations for buildings and wind turbines. A sister company in Atlanta, USA and commercial offices in France, Spain, China and South Korea take care of goracon’s international presence.

Initial situation

Until recently spare parts catalogs were laboriously reated by hand and distributed in print only. For this purpose drawings had to be generated in the CAD system and then exported to Microsoft Word to merge them with the parts lists into an attractive layout. The printed catalogs were hardly used, instead customers and service technicians preferred to call the after sales department, or send in photos with the defective parts. Language problems made matters worse, so the parts identification more and more became a huge cost and time factor. An electronic spare parts catalog on the basis of 3D design data should not only simplify the search for the right parts considerable, but provide all necessary additional information at the same time , such as work instructions, data sheets, etc.


At goracon’s approximately 20 spare parts catalogs a year are needed. The creation process of the catalogs should take place automatically from the CAD data and the parts lists in BeoSys. The catalogs have to offer a complete spare parts overview for service technicians and customers at construction sites worldwide and to mitigate the transfer of knowledge through the PDF‘s stored behind the parts, work instructions in particular. The interactive HTML catalogs are delivered to customers on a USB memory stick,and are also available on the Internet. User management especially configured for goracon has to ensure that each user gets exactly the information that is intended for him/her.


As a basis for the spare parts catalog serves the order-specific product structure, which is present in the BeoSys ERP system.

The 3D models are automatically converted in a server process coupled to the 3-D-release in the XVL format from Lattice Technologies Inc., and then made available in a directory for catalog production. In addition, they are checked into the ERP system and are thus also available for other purposes beyond the spare parts catalog to all those entitled in the companies. The enormous compression ratios of the XVL technology of 0.2 up to 0.5 % of the output file sizes allows for a perfect use of the 3D models, also on the Internet. At the push of a button the CATALOGcreator® generates dynamic HTML Catalogs for the required online and offline applications from the data that are made available. The need for a print catalog is completele eliminated.

From the date of the first presentation onwards, which has already taken place with a complete customer catalog, the cooperation between goracon and TID was very constructive and solution-oriented. The ease of use of the CATALOGcreator® and the excellent value for money has contributed significantly to the purchase decision.

Future view

In future the catalogs will be used as central service instruments for spare parts identification, product information, knowledge transfer, quote requests and parts ordering.


At goracon systemtechnik GmbH only standard software is used. There was no additional programming. The use of the CATALOGcreator® in conjunction with the XVL technology yielded the following results:

– Paper catalogs are no longer required

– The creation process of the catalogs is almost fully automated

– The direct use of the master data from Design and the ERP system has significantly improved the quality of the catalogs

– The identification of spare parts is considerably simpler in the 3D models than in the old 2D catalogs

The customers as well as the service technicians profit from the benefits of the 3D models, because the installation situation is for instance recognizable

„After completing the project the catalog now has the potential to form the central interface between the customer and the after sales service and service partners. It offers not only the ability to identify parts but can also pass on requests for the customer or even the order and there aren´t any language barriers. Because of the introduction of the 3D catalogs many processes have been modernized and improved internally. We are now, for instance, designing according to the current state of the art,“ says Jens Czekalla, After Sales manager at goracon systemtechnik GmbH, in a very pleased voice.

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