“TID provided us with a clear cost model including easily calculable fixed and ongoing costs. Alongside the software’s modern interface for mobile end devices (PHP/CSS), that ‘flat-rate’ model was the key deciding factor. Last but not least, we also had a good feeling about working with TID. That was confirmed later in the course of the project.

Today, representative branches can search through the online catalog themselves, thus eradicating 60% of the original support required for spare parts, as inquiries no longer need to be forwarded to our Customer Service team. Those savings allow us to offset our investment in the CATALOGcreator® easily, and with 40 customer service representatives and a turnover of 132 million euros we have made back our investment in two years.

We’re convinced that TID can implement our requirements successfully in the long term. TID’s relatively new project team means that our contact partners will be able to collaborate with the company for many years to come. We value a long-term service partner with future-oriented software and reliable support. For that reason, the investment in this project has already been worthwhile for us.” – Christoph Krump, Manager Spare Parts Business EREMA

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