CATALOGcreator® in the Land of Smiles

For over 10 years, TID Informatik GmbH has been the most successful distribution partner worldwide for the XVL technology of Lattice Technology, Inc. of Tokyo, Japan.A large shareholder of Lattice is Toyota.So it was obvious that Toyota would decide for CATALOGcreator® when choosing a solution for electronic spare parts catalogues.

The perfect integration of XVL in the CATALOGcreator® played a major role, just as the long-term technology partnership between TID and SCHEMA. Because the manuals are created at Toyota with ST4 from SCHEMA. And this proven combination from other projects, such as Voith Turbo and MAN Diesel, will in the future also be used at Toyota. A 3D Spare parts catalogue and descriptive documentation are represented under a surface and bidirectionally linked to each other. Thus, the user can directly branch out from the spare part found to for instance the disassembly manual or the setting instructions in the user manual or, vice versa, put the required parts from the maintenance manual into his shopping cart.

Thanks to the recommendation by Toyota, TID has now been able to find two distribution partners in Japan.Both companies are established documentation service providers with several hundred employees.Especially popular in the Japanese market is a process developed by TID in which at the push of a button the complete spare parts catalogue including sub-assemblies and fully automatically generated 2D illustrations is generated from a 3D – model and a bill of materials.

“Japan is a huge market with enormous potential for us.Very positive for us is the fact that almost all companies that manufacture technical products use XVL–technology.  For them the electronic spare parts catalogue is a welcome additional application field. We are very pleased that we have found two strong partners in DAD and DPS who are developing this market for us”, says Rafi Boudjakdjian, the technical director of TID Informatik GmbH.


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