CATALOGcreator® 6.0 – a new electronic spare parts catalog dimension

By releasing sofware Version 6.0 of the tried and tested electronic spare parts CATALOGcreator®, TID Informatik GmbH and CATALOGcreator GmbH have scored a major success. State of the art architecture and design, extreme
flexibility and performance plus excellent value for money characterise the 3rd generation of CATALOGcreator®. However, former qualities of CATALOGcreator® were not forgotten: everything is possible, ranging from manual to fully automatic catalog creation

CC ExportPDF Printable Print Catalogs in PDF Format

Automatic creation of voluminous PDF Documents

For example, using the module „CC ExportPDF“, a nearly 600 page PDG catalog including format changes, bookmarks, indexes and multi-column contents is automatically generated within seconds on a commercial notebook.

Apart from the excellent performance regarding time saving, the new Module CC ExportPDF offers additional advantages:


Individual format change

Apart from the standard formats DIN A4, DIN A3 etc., any formats, portrait or landscape, can be selected at random using individual defaults. With the new CC ExportPDF Module, the catalog editor can switch flexibly between the formats selected in the catalog.

Optimization for print and/or electronic use

You wish to print the PDF? In that case no links are created in the document, the pictures have a high resolution, and the bookmarks are not required. If the PDF document is to be used electronically, the file size will be optimized and bookmarks, contents, index and subassemblies are linked.

Automatic graphics adjustment

In this case the drawings are automatically adjusted to the selected format and do not require manual action.

Automatic index generation

A multi-column index list can automatically be generated from the article data including linked page numbers.

Horizontal or vertical paragraph alignment

Taking the optimal reading direction into consideration, details can clearly be displayed by horizontal and vertical paragraph alignment.


The new CC ExportPDF Module has an intelligent Duplex-Mode which only adds pages when required – and as such without page number indication or as a page without content and with headers and footers.

Multi-lingual catalogs

Creating a multi-lingual catalog with CATALOGcreator® 6.0 is a piece of cake. Using a language dependent user dictionary, repeated texts such as Copyright, Author, Validity, Legend, etc. are automatically displayed in the respective language. In addition there are language dependent placeholders for missing graphics and the possibility to create multi-lingual documents.

Table optimization for articles and variants

By table optimization long texts or variants can be displayed automatically as an additional line underneath or above the article values. From a printing point of view this saves a lot of space and consequently also paper.

Additional options of the new CC ExportPDF

Additional options such as the creation of multipage covers, thumbnails  (previews), linked subassemblies and intelligent picture repetition have also been added.

cc-v6-2CC ExportDynamic
Publication of your catalogs in a user-friendly environment

A further highlight of the new version 6.0 of CATALOGcreator® is the CC ExportDynamic – Module. As the name suggests, the catalogs are in real-time dynamically generated from SQL databases. The advantages of the new CC ExportDynamic Module are obvious: enormous savings with regard to resources and time combined with added flexibility.

Large data quantities can be published quickly

Even in the case of large quantities of data and multi-lingual spare parts catalogs, a fast catalog is guaranteed.
For instance, a spare parts catalog with 10,000 components in 5 languages can be generated from a structured parts list in less than 2 minutes without manual action being required.

New user administration with access rights

Version 6.0 offers the opportunity to individually allocate access rights to groups and users by means of a user administration. The access rights control the catalog´s visibility and its contents, as well as order availability, drawings, additional information and languages. Moreover, it offers the opportunity to restrict the structure of individual catalogs. For instance, service technicians can still see the spare parts for an additionally purchased part whereas the end-user only sees the component itself.

New catalog structure

The catalog´s structure was restructured which simplified user-guidance.

Newly arranged shopping basket

The newly arranged shopping basket allows for ordering in three intuitive steps.

Search function optimization

Optimization of search functions ensured identification of components within seconds. Integration of an „advanced search“ option can specify search results avoiding unnecessary hits. Something which can be done in combination with several search criteria or certain structural levels.

Other features

  • Intuitive user-guidance
  • Separated user-interfaces and component language
  • New 3D-XVL-Functions
  • Export-/Import support functions
  • Printing functions
  • Serial number administration

CC ModuleElectric

Using the new Version 6.0 of the CATALOGcreator® and the CC ModuleElectric module, catalogs from electric projects can be created fully automatically and integrated in the mechanical spare parts catalog.

The big advantage being that this is done without intervention in the existing electric CAD-system. The new electric module of CATALOGcreator® 6.0 makes it possible to use the standard expert formats of the eCAD manufacture after which they can be used for fully automatic creation of an electronic spare parts catalog.
As a result the electric parts in the electronic parts catalog are easily found and ordered.

The circuit diagrams are automatically hot-spotted by user default, that means fitted with context sensitive areas (Hotspots).
The individual diagrams are mutually linked by their circuit paths.
In addition, the Equipment Identifying Symbol (EIS) and the articles and/or item numbers are linked to the parts lists.   Another link of the articles to the mechanical catalog is also possible.
Search functions are automatically adjusted in that, apart from the normal search functions, you can also search for locations, diagrams and EIS´s.

All current Electric-CAD-Systems, such as eplan, promis°e, WSCAD, Elektro-CAD, ELCAD, ecscad, E3, and many more, are supported by the new electric module. Only the systems standard export functions are used.


  • CC HotspotEditor
  • CC ExportDynamic

CC ModuleDocuLink
Link to existing descriptive documents

Another feature is the direct link of descriptive documentation to the electronic spare parts catalog. For instance, the user through automatically generated bi-directional links of assemblies and components to related chapters of the maintenance manual can directly, from the written maintenance instructions, place the required parts into the shopping basket.
Search time is reduced considerably. The descriptive information regarding assemblies and components is immediately available. The service technician can quickly locate the faulty part and at the same time receive assembly and maintenance instructions without having to search through various media. Sharing the database also reduces errors when entering data.

CC HotspotEditor V3

Parallel to Version 6.0 the new Version of the CC HotspotEditor has been released. A multipage-TIFF support as well as an improved OCR-Engine are only two of the many innovations of Version V3.0.

Since compiling old date without OCR-Tools, or with scanned drawings, is extremely time consuming, the CC HotspotEditor considerably reduces the expenditure of time. Owing to the improved OCR Engine, the CC HotspotEditor V3 is even more accurate in identifying your item numbers and is also more reliable when processing huge amounts of data. The CC HotspotEditor uses batch-processing to save time and updates your vector data fully automatically, so they can be used in the CATALOGcreator® without any problems. Since Version V3.0 was released the CC HotspotEditor also supports the PDF vector format and as such does away with former incompatibility issues. It now also supports TIFF-Multipages.

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